Picking a Wedding Venue in Westchester

While almost every element of wedding is optional, from donning a suit instead of a dress to shunning the flowers to skipping the wedding cake, there is one thing you cannot forego: a wedding venue! After all, you have got to have some place for family and friends to gather and rejoice. Finding the perfect wedding venue in Westchester is not easy, even if you reside in Westchester County itself, where 48% population is single. However, here is what you may do to secure that lovely banquet hall, you spotted in the movies;


Talk to a Wedding Event Manager

Yes, before you start investing time in visiting different wedding spaces, its smart to talk to an onsite wedding event manager. For instance, the event managers at the Greentree Country Club can help you get acquainted with the functionality of space, design, and the time and items required to transform it diametrically. Moreover, if there would be a creative way to make it distinctive or a hitch about the catering hall that can become problematic, they will know and would be perhaps ready with solutions.

A Wedding Reception Venue Should Match Your Vision

It may seem apparent to seek out venues that fit your envisioned aesthetics if you intend to have a modern wedding. Therefore, look at art galleries, warehouses, or themed restaurant spaces for a contemporary form of a reception hall, among other arrangements. Alternatively, a wedding embodying more natural elements works like a charm with outdoor venues such as parks, ranches, and country clubs. Remember, picking a site that adds allure to your theme will enable your ceremony to feel more connected to the wedding space. Scheduling a tour at Greentree County Club will open your eyes to what the perfect wedding space should look like.


Know Your Wedding Guests


It is critical to know how many guests you are planning to invite to your wedding before even visiting a wedding reception hall.. It is because, if your heart picked a Westchester NY wedding venue that is too small for your guest list and more of them RSVP ‘yes,’ you might well be in a pickle. The fact is that anxious couples often underestimate the eventual number of people they will invite, so have that essential conversation early to come up with an estimated number of total guests. It will also help you to break down your budget, as some outlays are directly reliant on the number of people you are inviting.


Consider Your Wedding Guests’ Experience

If you are inviting many guests from other counties of NY State, and elsewhere, then opt for a wedding venue in Westchester that is near a hotel. Moreover, remember to ensure the comfort of your guests within the venue, too. It is because the maximum capacity of a wedding space is not every so often a comfortable amount of space. Therefore, ask the event management how many people they can accommodate conveniently.


Lastly, on the day of the wedding, Arrange with your on site caterer in Westchester County NY, to bring out delightful options from their menu such as fries stations, donut stations, or even mini grilled cheese stations about an hour before the reception ends to revivify revelers.


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